The Oval Series

The Autobin New Generation sensor, touch free, Oval Series waste bin range is ideal for any home, kitchen, office or workshop. With bins ranging in capacity to hold from 50 Litres down to 8 Litres, you will find a bin suitable for most waste disposal applications. The larger bins are perfect for homes, offices, workshops and other commercial premises, medical centres, veterinarian surgeries and dental practices.

The smaller bins are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, motor homes, boats, caravans and aircraft to discard un-wanted rubbish. The bins are 100% hygienic and germ free with tight sealing lids to lock in odours and are made of premium grade, finger print proof, brushed stainless steel.

The bins are operated by a sensor, making it touch less thereby, hands-free - preventing any long term physical damage. The robust construction of all Autobins can outlast most step-on and hand-touch bins and their durability provides long lasting usability. They are the perfect disposal bins for any kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, as the smallest bin will fit even in the tightest of gaps in the corners, under worktops and sinks, saving you time and money, due to its ergonomic design.

You can also make the bin lid stay open using the 'open' button for longer disposal of waste and recycling or to prevent the bin from activating its normal opening/closing cycle if you are moving about within the sensor range. For everyday use however, the default 3 seconds opening time is normally ample

So, if you're looking for a low-cost, long-lasting, touch free sensor lid waste bin with an excellent track record for reliability and build quality - the Autobin Oval range will provide an answer to all your waste management and recycling needs. The Autobin is NOT to be confused with similar looking sensor bins.

We are so confident on the reliability and build quality that ALL NEW Models now come with our massive 10-Year Limited Warranty!!
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