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Adding a bit of luxury and style to your home is easy with our great range of new products. Treat your family to a modern essential, designed to add extra functionality and convenience, saving you time and effort. All Ideal Home Products make a great gift ideas and what could be better than the perfect gift to welcome loved ones to their new home.


Replace all your Old Bins with New Stylish and Modern Bins


Our most popular line of products at Ideal Home Products, is our range of stylish and modern stainless steel bins. Our Autobin range are automatic motion sensor bins that come with a 10 year warranty! Why not replace your existing waste paper bins, bathroom bin and kitchen bin with matching premium quality stainless steel sensor bins with a brushed finish for easy cleaning and designed to repel smears and fingerprints.

  • 68 Litre Durable Stainless Steel Kitchen Automatic Bin
    68 Litre Durable Stainless Steel Kitchen Automatic Bin

    The Caravel Series of rectangular shaped fingerprint resistant brushed stainless steel, fingerprint proof rectangle shaped 68L kitchen automatic bin has an ABS plastic bucket inside.  You can use a bin bag inside the bucket that can be tied securely.  The inner bucket is ergonomically designed and very easily removed to be emptied and to change the bag. just secure a plastic bin bag inside the bin with the plastic ring provided and insert 6xAA batteries and you are ready to go.

    On the inside, you have the practicality of having a bucket for a bin with the ease of cleaning any spillages while This is not your run of the mill pedal bin, this is a sensor bin!  The bin is made from a high grade brushed stainless steel which does not show fingerprints the same way plain stainless steel would.  The rectangular shape means it will sit neatly at the end of your counter and will not protrude onto your floor as much as a square binon the outside you have a stunning, premium stainless steel rectangular kitchen waste bin to be proud of and not only a bog standard kitchen bin or even a pedal bin but a sensor bin!   would! You really can have your cake and you’re eating it!

    Sometimes you may need extra waste capacity in your bin. This is easy with our 68L Caravel Series bin. Just remove the plastic bucket (place in garage or utility room for safe keeping), use a plastic bin bag to line the bin instead (hold in place with the Plastic Bag Fixer) and you now have a 68L capacity bin. The cherry on the cake!

    Pre Order NOW - Delivery in March 2017

    No Overhanging untidy bin bag

    The Caravel Series of the EKO range uses an inner plastic bucket for your convenience.  You don’t have to use a bin bag at all but can if you want to, the last thing you want is for the excess to overhang over the nice stainless steel body on the outside.  The bucket is designed to have a feature called the “Plastic Bag Fixer”.  It is such simple technology that you will laugh!  It is simply a hole in the bucket to poke the excess bin liner through!68L bin uses a plastic ring to secure your bin bag inside the bin.


    Lift off the head of the bin and switch off

    Take the plastic ring out and place to one side

    Put bin bag into the bin cavity and fold around the top edge of the bin

    Replace plastic ring to secure the bin bag

    Fold overhanging ends of the bin bag over the plastic ring

    Turn the head of the bin on again and place back into position and that is the bin ready for use.

    How to Operate The Caravel Series EKO Bin

    Approach the lid of the bin with your rubbish in hand

    The Lid will open automatically as the infra-red motion sensor detects movement within 28cm of the lid

    The lid remains open while you dispose of your litter. Even if you are several seconds scraping a plate into the bin or a chopping board.  , So aslong as your hands are moving the lid will stays open.  While the lid is open there will be 5 red LED lights will be lit red while the lid is open.

    When you move away from the kitchen bin, the lid will close automatically with a 5 second countdown. 5 red lights goes to 4 , 3, 2, 1 CLOSE
    Manual Override

    As with all our automatic bin range, there is a manual override to operate the opening and closing of the lid manually.  The only difference being with this model is that rather than buttons, it’s a touch screen!  Very modern indeed!  Touch “Open” to open the lid and this will be confirmed not only by the fact that the lid opens but there also a yellow light on in the middle of the 5 light line.  This yellow light indicates that the bin is in manual override mode.  Now the lid remains open no matter what you are doing.  The close the lid and reset the bin to its default sensor operation, simply touch (not press) the close icon.

    EKO 45L 68L Caravel Features

    Aside from the standard AutoBin brand features, here are the following modifications with this model of the EKO range…
    Rectangular shape enables the kitchen bin to sit flat against a wall or in a corner

    Touch screen manual override

    Light indicators of mode and countdown to close

    ABS Plastic ergonomically designed removable inner bucket

    The “Plastic Bag Fixer” is a space to push the excess bin liner through for tidiness and to prevent the bag moving around

    The inner bucket is very easily removed with handles to empty rubbish, clean and freshenclose

    Plastic ring to securely hold your bin bag in place

    Bottom Draining Holes – Holes at the bottom of the back side enables you to drain the inside of your bin if a leakage occurs

    This bin is powered by 6 x AA batteries that last on average for 20,000 open/close cycles!
    • Advanced infra-red sensor using the New A1 Smart-Chip ™
    • Motion sensor using New "Eagle Eye" Technology ™
    • Dust and dirt resistant quiet lid using the New Silenx Technology ™
    • 100% "Hands-Free" operation
    • Water Resistant Sensor Protection
    • "Germ-Free" - Prevents cross-contamination
    • Sensor active at a 20 degree angle - activated by hand motion
    • Lid opens automatically when user’s hand motion is detected – within 0.5 seconds!
    • Lid closes 5 seconds after user’s hand moves away
    • Durable brushed Stainless Steel body ensures durability and longevity
    • 100% Premium Grade Stainless Steel with brushed finish
    • Manual over-ride touch screen -"open" and "close" for disposing of larger waste
    • Removable hard ABS plastic head for ease of cleaning
    • Easy-access, loss-proof battery compartment cover
    • Can be used with any bin bags or none at all
    • Plastic Bag Fixer feature on plastic inner bucket
    • Requires 6 x AA batteries
    • Low energy-consumption
    • Fantastic Battery Life of up to 48 months
    • CE Approved
    • ROHS Approved
    • REACH Approved
    • 10 Year Warranty
    270mm x 460mm x 650mm

    Price: £124.99 £169.95
  • Kids & Toddler’s Non-Spill Gravity Bowl – Impossible to Spill Food
    Kids & Toddler’s Non-Spill Gravity Bowl – Impossible to Spill Food

    This is the world’s only Gravity Bowl, anyone with babies and toddlers must have a few of these (one per child). Preschools, nurseries, kindergartens or any setting where there are babies and toddlers, would find that cleaning time is massively reduced. The dust pan & brush can stay in the cupboard when the kids are eating their sweets and crisps! The children’s crayons can be carried in them too. It’s use doesn’t end there, they are also handy in the garage, shed and office to keep knick knacks in such as nails/screws, nuts & bolts, paperclips, tacks and such items that have a tendency to end up all over the floor! Not only can the Gravity Bowl be relied upon but it’s so much fun for adults and children alike because it’s just simply such a good idea!

    The Gravity Bowl is a unique and innovative design using Newton’s Laws of gravity making it totally spill proof. It has an inner bowl that rotates 360 degrees in all directions. This ensures that the open side of the bowl is always facing upwards. The only way your child will make a mess is to deliberately put his or her hand into the bowl and throw the food around the room! The Gravity Bowl is ergonomically designed with handles on the side making it easy for children to snack while they move and play. So what will you do with the time you save from cleaning trampled snacks off the floor? Perhaps a little bit more “me time”?

    How many packets of crisps, boxes of corn flaked or marshmallows have you swept or vacuumed up from the floor or under the sofa cushion over the last few months alone? With less food waste, the money you safe will pay for the Gravity bowl!

    With the Gravity Bowl, toddlers can learn to feed themselves earlier, learn motor skills earlier and learn some independence earlier because they can’t spill their food with the Gravity Bowl. The Gravity Bowl makes an excellent Baby Shower gift! Even without a Baby Shower, it’s a great gift for a new baby in your family or circle of friends.

    • 100% reliable – Whatever you put in the bowl, isn’t coming out until you take it out! 
    • Kids love it 
    • Useful and enjoyable for the whole family 
    • Use for snacks and non-food items 
    • Virtually indestructible when dropped or even thrown down the stairs 
    • Dishwasher safe 
    • Not suitable for microwaves 
    • Non-spill 
    • Toddlers can feed themselves without spilling their food
    • Promotes motor skills & independence earlier 
    • Inner bowl rotates 360 degrees in all directions like a globe 
    • Cleaning time reduced 
    • Lid cover provided to keep contents fresh 
    • Environmentally friendly – BPA free plastic 
    • 1 Year limited manufacturer warrantee 
    • Specifications: 7 x 3.5 x 7 inches; 6.4 ounces

    Uniquely designed – using Newton’s Laws of Gravity,
    Spill-resistant for dry food and snacks,
    Allows self-feeding of snacks,
    Enhances fine motor skills,
    Encourages self-help and independence skills,
    360 degree rotation in all directions,
    Less waste of snacks,
    Prevents spills and mess,
    Saves time in cleaning up,
    Lid cover (included) for easy storage and travel use,
    Dishwasher safe,
    1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

    175mm (dia) x 90mm (h) Weight: 190g

    "I am a childminder looking after 3 toddlers everyday. Usually i spend more time vacuuming the floor than any other job, but I just invested in some of these bowls, and I have to recommend them to anyone looking after children. it would take a very determined child to make a mess using this bowl for snacks, and the lid means I can label each child's bowl and store it for next time"

    "I bought this for my grandson and now all my daughters friends want one too, it is ideal for little hands to carry around easily, and cuts down on the clean up process, so its a winner all round"

    "This started off in the kitchen as a snack bowl for my 2 year old, then I found it in my teenagers room with jewellery in it, and now my partner wants one too; looks like I'll be placing another order very soon"

    "When we saw the demo for this bowl, I was sceptical, but my wife bought it anyway, and I have to admit, its very impressive. Our son is an expert 'spiller' but this bowl has resolved that problem."

    "This bowl has taken up residence in the car, perfect for snacks on long journeys."

    Price: £9.95 £24.95