• iLad Ironing board and step ladder

    iLad Ironing board and step ladder
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    The iLad combines an ironing board and stepladder, two essential household items –for the purpose of space saving and ease of access. The ilad is a stowaway ironing board with the bonus of multi-purpose functions. It can be easily hung on a wall or door or placed flat against a wall. The extra weight on the back of the ironing board from the folded step ladder gives an advantage over traditional ironing boards because it allows the unit to sit vertically flat against the wall on the four rubber feet instead of leaning diagonally like traditional ironing boards. 

    This makes the iLad a great space saver, no wonder it won the Good Housekeeping Innovation winner! A survey found that those who keep a stepladder in the house store it in the same place as their ironing board. The i-lad is both an ironing board and a step ladder yet only occupies the space of one of these items. While some keep a stepladder indoors, others keep their stepladder outdoors perhaps in the garage or shed. 

    The stepladder kept outside is useful for painting, decorating, cleaning the guttering and such like however, would you really want to go outside and get your stepladder in for changing a light bulb at night or to clean the high kitchen cupboards? Not likely. The iLad is not only an innovative gadget that will impress your dinner guests but extremely genuine in it’s space saving and practicality claims.

    The “I” in iLad, the ironing board part of the multi-purpose ironing board has a strong metal frame to ensure stability and durability. Logically, if the ironing board is also a stepladder then it has to be strong doesn’t it? It comes with a machine washable cotton cover that is silver coat heat resistant and 7 mm thick sponge. The thick sponge is important so that you don’t get the imprint of the mesh on your clothes. The mesh makes steam ironing more effective. The mesh is 1mm thick.

    The foldable ironing board is also a stepladder, the “Lad” in “iLad”. The stepladder component of the unit is approved EN131-2 standard. Again, the strong metal frame ensures stability and durability easily bearing weight up to 150kgs. It is a 3-step ladder, each step with anti-slip grips.

    • 2 in 1 ironing board/step ladder
    • Easy stowaway and space saving
    • Long life, Stable and durable metal frame
    • Anti-slip 3 step ladder, max weight capacity 150kg
    • Silver coated, heat resistant, non slip, machine washable, cotton ironing board cover (included)
    • 2-year guarantee
    • Quality approved and assured EN131.2 standards
    Need a spare ironing board cover - order one here
    The iLad is useful for:
    • Ironing clothes
    • Cleaning windows
    • Reaching high shelves & cupboards
    • Changing light bulbs
    • Putting up/taking down curtains
    • Decorating (it is however advisable to remove the ironing board cover)
    • Removing hard to reach cobwebs
    • Saving space
    • Particularly ideal for apartments, caravans, motor homes, mobile homes
    Ironing Board: 13.5”W x 48.5”D x 33”H
    Ladder: 13.5”W x 37”D x 45”H
    Folded: 13.5”W x 3.5”D x 48.5”H

    "I just moved into my first flat, and there is very little space, so when a friend bought me an iLad as a housewarming present, I was delighted. stepladder and ironing board all in one, and so compact, just right for my flat and my lifestyle."

    "This is a great idea, I'm always standing on chairs to change light bulbs and it never feels very safe, but the stepladder feels really sturdy, and so easy to store. Added bonus to have an ironing board as well, very good idea."

    "My old ironing board leaned against the wall and fell on numerous occasions, and my ancient old steps had to stay in the garage-now I have hung the i-lad on the door of the utility room, it takes up no floor space at all--two problems solved!"

    "The iLad is great, I love the thick cover on the ironing board, it gives really good results, and so easy to transform into step ladder."

    "I bought an iLad at a show a few weeks ago, and it is just great, I use it all the time now. I intend to buy one as a wedding present for my nephew, and I'm sure they'll be just as pleased with it as I am."

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    • New Price: £69.95
    • £129.95
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