The Autobin Range

Stainless Steel Kitchen Bin Range

AutoBin do a variety of size and capacity of kitchen bins but the style of shape and look maybe equally as important to you and the capacity you need. We do 4 styles:

Original Series

The Original series is a rectangular shaped stainless steel bin.  It's narrow when left to right so that it may fit in a tight space.  If you have a small kitchen and need your sensor bin to fit in between your washing machine and freezer for example then the Original Series is the best choice.  The narrow front is compensated for by the height and depth.  The Original Series comes in 24 litres, 32 litres, 50 litres and 60 litres.

Oval Series

The Oval Series is a very elegant look!  It is our best selling series of automatic sensor bin.  It maybe that the Oval style will suit your kitchen very nicely!  You may choose from the 8 litre Mini, 12 litre Mini, 42 litres and 50 litres.  Our 50 litre Oval comes with the option of a Matt Black finish.

Cylinder Series

The Cylinder Series are round waste bins.  The advantage of this style is that they also suit other environments besides kitchens.  People buy them as office bins or bedroom bins.  They go anywhere really.  Choose between a 32 litre and 50 litre automatic sensor bins.

Maxi Series

Our Maxi Series is special because they are domestic, very elegant yet large kitchen bins.  There are 2 models in the series, an 80 litre stainless steel bin and an 80 litre twin compartment 2 in 1 bin for general and recycle waste.  We have found to our advantage that our main competitors don't tend to go larger than 50 litres.  We have also found our Maxi 80L bins to be our best sellers!