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Home Help For People with Arthritic Fingers

Jamie Smale - Monday, December 08, 2014

Home Help For People with Arthritic Fingers

Life at home can be difficult for the arthritic.  Those who have arthritic fingers would find a multitude of everyday tasks very difficult while those who are fortunate to not have this affliction take doing these things for granted.
At Ideal Home Products Ltd, we retail a lot of automatic products that while they have many good reasons to own them, they are of great benefit to the arthritic and can make their lives a lot easier.


1.     Our AutoBin Range

AutoBin is a brand of automatic opening and closing kitchen bins.  They not only look great, are hygienic and come with a 10 year warranty but they are very useful to an arthritic person!  Opening a bin lid may not seem like a big deal to many people but it is if you have arthritis.  With the AutoBin, you simply approach the sensor on the lid and the lid will open.  The lid remains open until you love your hands completely.  No touch to open and no touch to close.  Completely hands-free!  Another benefit is when it comes to removing the bin bag.  The AutoBin has been designed to be tapered (wider at the top than the bottom). This means you can slide the bag out of the bin easily without it being a game of tug-of-war!  Great if you have a bad back too.

2.     AutoTowel


Even something as simple as taking some kitchen roll from a roll can be difficult and painful to arthritic fingers!

Our AutoTowel product (AKA CLEANCut), is an automatic sensor kitchen roll dispenser/cutter.  It is a stainless steel wall mounted unit that will encase your kitchen roll (just ordinary kitchen roll, nothing special).  It works off the mains so install it near a plug socket.  
All you do is move your hand toward the dispensing sensor on the right of the unit to dispense any length of paper towel you want, then move your hand toward the sensor on the right of the unit to cut it.  Again, completely hands-free and touchless!

3.     AutoStirrer


Arthritic fingers would be problematic gripping a wooden spoon for 10 minutes and constantly stirring a sauce on the hob – right?  Well how about our automatic food stirrer that is heat resistant in boiling liquids and will just keep stirring for you constantly!  3 speeds to choose from.  

We hope that we can make life a little more comfortable for the arthritic with our innovative home products.  Like our Facebook page and get updated of our new products as and when we add them to our website.
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