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Our food scraps can feed the earth.

Jamie Smale - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

None of us like to waste food.

Apart from the likes of nobility of centuries gone by, when having more than you could actually consume was a status symbol, the throwing away of good food is seen as excessive, selfish and overindulgent. There have always been ways to use up left-over food, should it be turning them into a meal the next day, giving them to the homeless or even just feeding them to the family dog (extra cabbage and potatoes can be used to make Bubble and Squeak.

Grow on Trees”

What we need to remember is that even though some foods do “grow on trees” it takes time to plant, grow, harvest, package, bring to the local shop, be bought by us and appear on our plates as part of a meal. There are very few groceries that are still in their freshest form when we get our hands on them. Even if something like an orange is still in its natural state, a series of checks will have been carried out to make sure that it is of a high quality.

Unless everything you eat is grown in your back garden, or on a local farm, transport means our food has a bigger impact on the environment. Even lovely British Queen potatoes bought from your local green grocer might have travelled the length or breadth of the country.

Food Recycling

In the latter years of the 20th century we were a lot more negligent about caring where and how our waste was disposed of. We threw half-eaten meals into the bin without considering all the hard work that went into producing it. Now in the 21st century we have more of a sense of responsibility regarding our wasteful nature. Food recycling has increased year after year, with most local councils now providing a bin for food waste, a bin for recyclable goods (glass, paper etc) and a bin for other household waste. Now we are using every bit of food whether it be in our stomachs or as compost for our gardens or crops. We shall harvest the benefits for as long as this sense of duty continues, teaching our children and encouraging our friends and family to do this too.

If you are interested in a very useful product for the home or office, our 20l+20l Double Compartment Kitchen Recycling Bin is a great solution. It saves space and makes separating food waste easier than ever. With the two internal compartments you can have one side for general rubbish and the other side for food scraps. If you are happy with your own arrangement please do carry on. The important thing is that we each do our bit toward returning those nutrients to the ground, after all that is where our next meal is coming from.

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