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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sensor Bins For £30!

Jamie Smale - Tuesday, November 25, 2014





Stainless Steel Kitchen Sensor Bins for £30!


It is no secret that you can purchase a lovely looking kitchen stainless steel kitchen waste sensor bin for as little as around £30, google it and you will find them.  The AutoBin brand is more than triple the price!  How is this justified and why should you choose AutoBin over cheap brands?


First of all, AutoBin is not the most expensive by a long way!  Check out our comparisons table with other leading brands (Brabantia & Simple Human).  You will see that we DO have the best prices when compared to brands of equal calibre.

What then can we say about the much cheaper sensor bins that are of an extreme low price in comparison?

We could discuss the cheap grade materials and poor quality production in regard to the cheap Chinese imitations but let’s not.  We could also discuss the fact that you cannot get spare parts when parts fall apart due to the fact that the company you bought from saw an opportunity for a large “Job-lot” and when sold out the product was discontinued!  Again, let’s not even go there.  Instead, let’s keep this simple and do some simple maths…


A Cheap £30 Sensor Bin is Actually Expensive


If you look at reviews online, you will see that in a lot of cases, these cheap bins last only a few months at best.  How many people actually get their money refunded?  How many people go to the hassle of trying to get refunded for the sake of £30 – the price of a family takeaway!

Let’s be kind and assume that on average the bin will last the duration of the warranty – 1 year.


Cheap Imitation SensorBin Vs Great Value AutoBin

For arguments sake, we will compare with our bestselling 50 litre Oval AutoBin




Cheap Copy




Life Expectancy

10 years

1 year

Price Over 10 Years



Sensible Choice


 Conclusion:  Pay triple the price to start with and look back after 10 years and realise that you actually paid a third of the price of a cheap bin!  


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